Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anonymous Pipe-bomb on MLK Day – In Your Dreams Obama

By Nicholas Contompasis

This past Martin Luther King Day was marred by a phone activated pipe-bomb found in an abandoned backpack along the course of a scheduled parade in Spokane, Washington. The FBI is hot on the case and hasn’t released any information other than what I’ve already mentioned.

This is an important story to watch because of the way the mainstream media has already peppered it with subtle innuendos. Time, CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN have already started setting up this story as a domestic terror plot with absolutely no evidence. CBS News just this morning released its updated story on the situation and has implied that since Washington state is next to the state of Idaho where ten years ago a white supremacist group was disbanded; that’s who must have done it. Their stretch to link right wing Tea Party activists has become absurd and is bordering on insane. They are now so desperate to find someone, anyone who can fit the bill of being racist; they are now imagining fairytale scenarios and publishing them.

The Obama administration’s supporters are so desperate; it wouldn’t surprise me if they attempted to create a false flag event such as the pipe-bomb in Spokane. Any connection to violence and the Tea Party, whether true or not could affect its political strength, which has cornered the left wing liberals into a box they may never emerge from.

It’s not far fetched to expect such a reaction from Obama supporters if you know anything about who they really are. Socialists, Marxists, atheists, communists, anarchists and black secessionists help make up this group of disenfranchised people who would invite a well placed bomb they can blame on someone else.

So, we over here at The Left - Watch What They Do, Not What They Say, will be watching this story and will be reporting to you as it develops.

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