Saturday, May 6, 2017


BREAKING NEWS: 82 Chibok girls held since 2014 by Boko Haram have been released, Nigerian official says. 82 destroyed young girls by Muslim animals.
More proof hashtags are bullshit Obama. - - Nick

Pope Needs to Go

Pope Francis Upset At Use Of ‘Mother’ To Describe Massive US Bomb That Hit ISIS.
We need to replace this globalist dweeb of a Pope. - Nick

Your Presidential Tweets Today

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trump and Government Spending

Breaking - Trump cancels Boeing new Air force One project. "$4 Billion is too much."
 - Nick

North Korea and Trump

The phone call from Taiwan happened a few days ago and still every talking head hasn't connected the Taiwan/North Korea connection that Donald Trump is using. I just don't get it. Take off the blinders guys you're looking dumber then you really are..... I think.

Posted the morning Trump too the call.

Brilliance - The North Korea Problem - By Trump excepting a congratulatory phone call today, which has never happened, from the President of Taiwan he has put Red China on notice. Either straighten out North Korea or we'll use Taiwan as a military base strengthening the Taiwanese hold on the island Red China claims is theirs.
It looks like Trump and Mad Dog are already making their first move in ASIA.
Makes sense to me. - Nick

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Alec Baldwin is a Schmuck

Dr Drew

Why does the Mainstream Media lie to us???

I will try and streamline this and not take to much of your time.
Shortly after Obama's election in 2008-9 the very fired Dan (Blather) Rather was quoted at a big mucky mucky meeting of news agencies in New York City that he felt along with others in his profession that the Federal Government should be subsidizing their news department because frankly, they weren't making any money like the good old days when there was only 3 channels.
Well, it seemed the Obama Administration caught wind of this request and started pressuring corporations that had fallen into Obama's crony-capitalist trap after the crash. You know companies like major banks, General Electric, General Motors, etc., etc.
This is how it worked. You get the government contract if you advertise your products on MSM networks. This increased revenues and it gave the Administration a direct line into every news room in America except of course Fox.
This explains the monotonous repetition of nearly a word for word news cast from every network.
You see it's about money for the networks and it's all about trashing the other political side for the Administration.
The old Soviet Union had news, but it was subsidized and told what to say just like our MSM is doing right now. - Nick

The people have finally woken to the tyranny of an unelected few in Europe. Voters in Italy and Austria on Sunday will decide whether to join the populist backlash propelling Donald Trump into the White House and Britain out of the European Union. - Nick

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Trump Will Put America Back to Work

UPDATE: 32 U.S. governors are now opposing or refusing to allow Syrian refugees into their states.

Obama's Legacy: Devastation of the Democrat Party

Obama Keeps Blowing Smoke Up America's Ass

Go ahead President OBAMA, keep telling yourself America is safer because of you.
Today is the one year anniversary of the slaughter in San Bernardino, California by your Muslim friends.
All these people were doing was celebrating the birth of Christ (Christmas Party) and they were gunned down by another Muslim just like earlier this week on OHIO State's campus.
You sir, Mr. OBAMA are a piece of shit and should go quietly into the darkness and never emerge. - Nick

Bo Dietl for Mayor of New York City. Take back "The City". Kick out the Sandinista!!! - Nick

The Islamic Prayer Problem Solved for Employers

It's important to understand that having prayer rooms for Muslim employees during the work day is not necessary.
In Islamic countries prayers if missed can be made up after the work day.
So, this crap about having to stop work during the work day is in your face ISLAMIC pushback.
Wake up America. You're being used and manipulated. - Nick

Red China vs Donald J. Trump

Brilliance - The North Korea Problem - By Trump excepting a congratulatory phone call today, which has never happened, from the President of Taiwan he has put Red China on notice. Either straighten out North Korea or we'll use Taiwan as a military base strengthening the Taiwanese hold on the island Red China claims is theirs.
It looks like Trump and Mad Dog are already making their first move in ASIA.
Makes sense to me. - Nick

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Give Trump Time

I believe after 8 years of Soviet style economics our country sadly will be forced to expand our national debt to reestablish our military to prominence, create real jobs, lower taxes and take care of the needy while we grow the economy. It will take a few years. By the time Trump is up for reelection we will all benefit from these policies and that is what will propel him into his second term.
It's time for patience, strength, tenacity and prayer. - Nick

The Fake Obama Polls

Wait a damn minute. Obamas polls are high. Are these the same polls that kept telling us that Hillary was going to win the Presidency?!?!?!
MORE BULLSHIT and OBAMA the Muslim is waltzing around the world connecting these bogus polls to America accepting his policies.


This simple map explains why it is nearly impossible to nation build in the Middle-east and Asia.
As you can see ethnic tribes can encompass two and three counties. These tribes have been there long before borders.
Any approach in the region needs to be targeting the ethnic group not the country.
This is a lesson hopefully we have learned, unfortunately the hard way. - Nick

Wanna a Bag Bitch for Your Shit, It'll be $.10 Each

The new California law forcing store owners to charge separately for bags is a perfect illustration of Liberal insanity and their endless attempt to control and demean the public.
Instead of allowing the store owners to embed the variable cost of these bags into the cost of a product they are now forced to do their insulting dirty work by reminding everyone that we're assholes for consuming too much and destroying the environment.
So, wouldn't you think this hurts business since most people will cut back on the amount they're buying!
You see its the little things like this that drive the average sane person insane.
So bitch, get it up or start looking like bag lady schlepping your cloth bags around town. - Nick

Monday, July 20, 2015

Trump - Fact of Life #323

No matter what #DonaldTrump says about #Republican Presidential candidates or others, they cannot dump him from the Party because he has now become the Queen-maker.
If #Republicans dump him they will force him to become a third party spoiler handing the Presidency to #Hillary.
Like it or not, Trump can do and say whatever he wants heading into the Republican #Convention in Cleveland #Ohio next summer.
Hold on tight this is going to be more fun then a barrel of donkeys. - N.P. #Contompasis

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Forget about John #McCain the “not-war hero”, arming our domestic military and illegal aliens. Trump hit the nail on the head again and he did it a few years ago.
At this moment our #Congress, the #American people and the United Nations are locked in a debate and upcoming votes to ratify Obama’s legacy nuke agreement with Iran that will give back hundreds of billions of dollars and allow Iran to buy any conventional weapon they want on the open market.
Things have changed in the world since Obama spearheaded these talks with Iran. We have become weaker, our allies have become even weaker, our tinhorn dictators that ran North Africa and the Middle East have been overthrown by the very President #Obama who preached peace in the region and the most important part of this is the creation and success of #ISIS.  
With one third of the world wrapped up in a religious war with each other and a cowardice #G-7 desperately attempting to keep their economic ships afloat Iran seems to be the only real player on the block that has solutions for the cowards in the West.
You see this Iran nuke deal isn’t really about a nuke treaty. Instead it’s the okay by the West to allow an invasion of #Iraq and #Syria by #Iran under the promise that it’s really to destroy ISIS.
Mr. Obama seriously thinks that Iran will stabilize the region and not one U.S. soldier will be lost in the process. ISIS will be gone and there will be peace and harmony in the world….. FOOLS!!!!
This gives everything to Iran, the money to do it and the green light to take over another 20% of the regions oil supply. Yes, oil supply!!!
Now, back to President Trump, oops sorry, I’m just a little ahead of myself! Remember the outrageous, as usual, comment made by Trump years ago when attempting to take the Presidency saying “I would’ve invaded Iraq and taken the oil.”
Donald Trump was right then and he’s been right all along, but now Iran will get the oil and our allies will fall further under the Islamic spell of increased energy prices and nukes raining on them from the now peaceful and benevolent Iran.

Was Trump right, is Trump right????? You-betcha!!! – N.P. #Contompasis  

Saturday, July 18, 2015

It's Friday

It's #Friday #America and what a week it was.
#Obama gives #Iran the bomb, the President lets drug dealers out of prison, we find out that Federally funded #PlannedParenthood is selling baby body parts and only four unarmed #Marines are assassinated by an #ISIS #Muslim terrorist on #US soil.
What a week, what a #President, what a country we've become. - N.P. #Contompasis

Another Assassinated in Tennessee

What's disturbing about the Muslim terrorist attack in Tennessee this week.
There are a total of 2,200,000 Americans in our military. If one terrorists can kill 5 soldiers, it would only take 440,000 terrorists to wipe out our military.
Now, that may sound far fetched but think of it this way. Are there enough Muslims just in the #UnitedStates to do this? The answer is yes!!!
You have to realize that this Muslim thing is a game, a game of numbers and attrition.
There are an estimated 7,000,000 Muslims in America today and growing much faster then American families.
A poll was taken recently that exposed that 29% of these 7 million would resort to violence if America defamed the so called prophet #Mohammad, which is what I just did.
That 29% totals 2 million Muslims ready, willing and able to do harm against 5 of our members of the military  or civilian population.
That means there are enough angry Muslims just in #America to destroy our "UNARMED" military from within. As you can see the kill ratio wouldn't be 5. It would now only be "1" per angry Muslim.
Well, it sure looks like a cakewalk for the #Muslims unless we Americans wake up and stop this threat.
As the #President lets more and more Muslims into our country we are insuring the eventual destruction of the one thing that keeps us safe, and that's our military. - N.P. #Contompasis

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rod J. Rosenstein U.S. Attorney for the District of MARYLAND are you listening?

At first blush the demeanor of this Baltimore Mayor is GUILT!!!
It's my gut feel and I always go with it.
If you don't think drug money isn't finding it's way into the Mayor's coffers you're kidding yourself.
Drug money is the biggest game in the town of BALTIMORE and liberal black politicians will take it every time.
The liberal black Mayor of New Orleans and many others are now serving time for corruption and she knows it.
That puss of her's spells "I hope nobody finds out!!!"
Hello hello - Rod J. Rosenstein U.S. Attorney for the District of MARYLAND are you listening???? - N.P.Contompasis

Thursday, May 21, 2015

ISIS Attacks America - Free Speech????

Pam Geller is a JEW. ISLAM now has a death order on her.
Where are the defenders of JEWS.
Where are the Liberal Jewish congressmen and Senators? ISLAM knows she's a JEW that's the real reason why they want her dead.
She has been calling out the global ISLAMIC atrocity for years on her blog and in books.
She knows what the threat is and she's been trying to warn all of us.
Sadly and most likely she will be assassinated by ISIS as Liberal Americans will say good ridden's she was a hate speaker who inflamed the ISLAMIC conflict.
My God America, you can't continue to let these people run our country into the arms of Sharia Law and ISLAMIC dominance.
Wake up!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Boycott Mainstream Media RNC

If I was head of the RNC I would prohibit any Republican candidate from appearing on the mainstream media until there's a serious purge of their political news commentators. - NPC

Boston Gets Death

Boston Marathon MUSLIM Bomber gets Death Sentence!!!
These MUSLIM f**kers can't build a peaceful society amongst themselves, so they have to destroy everything we have that's good to satisfy their hateful cult-religion.
F**k all of you twisted animals that call yourselves MUSLIMS, including the moderates that sit back and watch the takeover while doing NOTHING!!!! F**K YOU!!! F-*-*-K A-L-L O-F Y-O-U!!! - N.P.Contompasis

Hillary Emails

Hillary destroyed her communiques while Secretary of State because she directly orchestrated the grossly failed Arab-Spring.
You won't need all the emails...... just one!!!!
- N.P.Contompasis

Chicago Pensions HAHA

HAHAHAHAHA - "Pension can't be touched" HAHAHAHAHAHA - The US Congress just today voted to lower the pensions on retired Presidents, give me a break. - NPC 
Emanuel starts 2nd term, as Chicago financial crisis deepens with 'junk' rating

The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton Foundation, a confluence of business and politics under the deceptive guise of philanthropy.
Our global economy nearly crumbled under an unbridled shadow banking industry.
Now we have this, an unbridled governance of the world. 
This cannot stand!!!
- N.P.Contompasis

Chicago Sinks

As CHICAGO sinks further into BANKRUPCY with a projected 300 homicides and 2,000 wounded for calendar year 2015, just think how bad it's going to be in coming years as America's second city crumbles. - NPC

Baltimore - Murder Capital of America

At Baltimore's current homicide rate since the riots and the condemnation of its police force their kill rate will be 400% of the murder capital Chicago by the end of 2015. 
This is what happens when you threaten your brave men and women in "BLUE."
As you know I predicted this last month with the vast majority of you agreeing. - N.P.Contompasis

Conservative President and Globalism

Before a Conservative Presidential Candidate can win the White House they'll have to publicly recognize, throughly understand and effectively illustrate the pitfalls and daily intrusions into every AMERICAN'S life by Globalism. - N.P.Contompasis

Middle East

MiddleEastern leaders have for decades created chaos and crisis within and over their borders for profit. 
They've played this game that has kept their people in ignorance and poverty while enriching themselves from Western nations who mistakenly felt they could help, influence or dominate the region.
Over decades latterly trillions of Dollars, Euros and Rubles have flowed in only one direction, from West to East.
In some way, with the growth of ISIS and the slaughter and displacement of hundreds of thousands it should be a lesson to all that mischievous behavior leads to death and destruction for innocent civilians.
The MiddleEast is well on its way to becoming a meat grinder which will leave a vast wasteland of elusive marauding savages carrying the banner of ISLAM as their legitimacy. - N.P.Contompasis


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