Sunday, December 4, 2016

Why does the Mainstream Media lie to us???

I will try and streamline this and not take to much of your time.
Shortly after Obama's election in 2008-9 the very fired Dan (Blather) Rather was quoted at a big mucky mucky meeting of news agencies in New York City that he felt along with others in his profession that the Federal Government should be subsidizing their news department because frankly, they weren't making any money like the good old days when there was only 3 channels.
Well, it seemed the Obama Administration caught wind of this request and started pressuring corporations that had fallen into Obama's crony-capitalist trap after the crash. You know companies like major banks, General Electric, General Motors, etc., etc.
This is how it worked. You get the government contract if you advertise your products on MSM networks. This increased revenues and it gave the Administration a direct line into every news room in America except of course Fox.
This explains the monotonous repetition of nearly a word for word news cast from every network.
You see it's about money for the networks and it's all about trashing the other political side for the Administration.
The old Soviet Union had news, but it was subsidized and told what to say just like our MSM is doing right now. - Nick

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