Friday, January 28, 2011

Egypt - President Sputnik’s Jimmy Carter Moment - Iran

By Nicholas Contompasis

With a full court press on President Mubarak of Egypt, by the Muslim Brotherhood, the mobs in the street have been looking for a message from God to fuel their anger against his strict rule. That message finally came yesterday from the politically dead Hillary Clinton. There’s no doubt that the angry people of Egypt would have loved seeing President Obama supporting their cause. Instead, Obama sent out his Secretary of State to support the Mubarak regime in direct contradiction.

Logically thinking, a fall of the Mubarak regime would lead to a major breakdown in Israeli-Egyptian relations and be a political disaster of the Obama Administration. The shutdown of Egypt's Internet and phone services had to be encouraged by the Obama Administration. The switching off of satellites comes from Washington, not Cairo.

This is all so reminiscent of the Carter Administration’s boondoggle of the Iranian Revolution in 1978 when the Shah was forced into exile and a primitive theocratic regime took its place.

There is no question that Obama’s foreign policy is lacking and has created a vacuum for other unfriendly forces to take our place. Obama’s signaling to our allies two years ago, that the U.S. won’t be there if the people rebel against you, has caused a complete breakdown of U.S. global influence and is adding fuel to an eventual religious war against non-Muslim religions.

The domino's are falling in the Middle East and they’re not falling in our direction. The world is watching President Sputnik, what will you do? As you gaze at your unearned Nobel Peace Prize, are you worthy?

Egypt Internet Blackout 

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Nobama strikes.. err... doesn't strike again!