Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obama’s Shameful Arizona Pep Rally That Honored His Administration Not the Dead and Wounded

By Nicholas Contompasis

The word must have gone out to every high school and middle school in Arizona to attend the memorial service in Tucson tonight.  The President's 2012 campaign committee quickly draped new blue t-shirts over every seat for maximum effect when being worn and photographed while cheering.
With screaming childish remarks coming at every turn when anyone took to the podium, it showed nothing but disrespect for the dead and wounded that are lying in morgues and hospitals throughout Tucson.

Tonight was about politics not a memorial ceremony. It was disgusting to listen to Napolitano, Holder and even Obama quote the bible, the book they probably had never read before this evening.

The screams from the peanut gallery of “I love you Obama” echoed between yells and whistles. No matter what was said the air of a high school pep rally destroyed anything the President and his henchmen tried to accomplish in trying to reconnect with the American people.

The President’s attempt to connect again with America, while spewing his double talk, was lost in the juvenile antics of not only his contrived audience but his never-ending campaigning.

Dignity and respect should have been offered, but instead the President kicked off his run for President of the United States 2012.


DeanO said...

Well said...just another Obama show and all about me photo opp

JoAnn Dolberg said...

No decorum, no respect, and come 2112, NO!NO! NO!