Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Retirements Boost GOP's 2012 Senate Hopes and More

By Nicholas Contompasis

"The recent announced retirements in the Senate increases already mounting pressure on President Obama. His agenda has not only been stopped in it's tracks but what he has accomplished could be overturned by the Tea Party led Congress. Based on current polls, any Senator expecting to win in 2012 better vote for the repeal of ObamaCare which should be passed today in the House of Representatives. Democrats in the Senate, the whores that they are, just could surprise the President."

Borrowed from the Daily Beast - Sorry about that

Start counting chickens: Republicans are hopeful about capturing the Senate in 2012. With North Dakota Democrat Kent Conrad retiring, at least seven races currently look to be toss-ups, and the GOP only needs four of them for a majority. Competitive races include North Dakota, Virginia, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida, and Ohio, plus maybe Wisconsin, if Herb Kohl retires, and Hawaii, if Governor Linda Lingle challenges Daniel Akaka. The sole bright spot for liberals? Connecticut Independent Joe Lieberman—long a thorn in their side (though an instrumental senator in repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell)—is retiring.

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