Monday, January 31, 2011

The Islamification of the World and the North Atlantic Oscillation

By Nicholas Contompasis

As the northern tier states of the United States experience the beginning of a new North Atlantic Oscillation, everyone prays for a spring that may never come.
Historically, this oscillation can last decades and can bring bitter cold and snow to most of North America which has been experiencing mild winters for almost thirty years. With the cyclical cooling of the sun which brings on this effect, most of the United States could look forward to decades of long, cold, hard winters.

Like a gift from Allah, this weather phenomenon is playing right into the hands of the oil rich Muslim Middle Eastern countries. Many in the West have been lulled into the belief that not pumping oil off our coast and in Alaska is a prudent strategy to preserve our environment and natural resources. Their efforts could be called noble but most pragmatists are about to dump a proverbial cold bucket of water over them.

The facts are that this new radical Muslim movement that has taken over Lebanon, Tunisia, Egypt, and is spreading to other countries like Jordan, Algeria, Libya, Turkey and finally Saudi Arabia. This January surprise from the Middle East could cause the West to lose its chief source of cheap energy, forcing oil past $250 and gasoline to $10 at the pump. Heating oil that heats many American homes could skyrocket and cause many to die and turn winters in America into a living hell for many elderly and poor.

If Egypt is lost to the Muslim Brotherhood it will only be a matter of time before the entire region is dominated by anti-western governments hell-bent on squeezing every penny from its abundant natural resource – oil. Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood with its modern military could easily force the Saudis to fall, leaving them in control of much of the world’s available oil, a prospect that most experts have explained as a worst case scenario.

Egypt’s Suez Canal plays an even more important role now with most of Europe’s oil passing through it. The possible forced Islamification of Europe is not so farfetched. When the people of Europe are forced to decide between freezing to death and bowing to Allah, they’ll ask which way is Mecca.

In conclusion, Israel our last ally in the region, would be strangled by war and economic blockades that would force an eventual evacuation to Western countries, leaving the once brilliant nation a deserted wasteland.

The preservation of our environment and natural resources may be a luxury we can no longer afford. The politician that chooses oily birds over freezing voters won’t last long in this new North Atlantic Oscillation.

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