Friday, June 10, 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner Tweeted 17-year-old Girl


June 10th 2011, 8:14 PM

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., did tweet a 17-year-old girl, but his messages didn't contain any lewd photos or content, sources said.
Grilling Weiner
Do you think Rep. Anthony Weiner should step down if it's discovered he tweeted anything inappropriate to a 17-year-old girl?
Yes, that's the final straw.
No, it doesn't seem like it was anything serious.
He should've resigned before this revelation came out.
Anthony Weiner has a defender: Rep. Charles Rangel lends support to sext-scandal colleague
New York Congress members' roll call on bailout vote
Creepy congressman Anthony Weiner tweeted with a 17-year-old high school girl - but he insists he kept his pants on.

"She was not targeted in any way and did not receive any inappropriate messages or photos or anything from the congressman," a source close to the Delaware girl told the Daily News. "If she had, her family would have filed charges."
The News is not identifying the teenager.
That revelation came as Weiner got his first shoutout of support from a prominent Democrat - Harlem heavyweight Rep. Charlie Rangel - since his sexting scandal erupted.
Weiner has admitted committing virtual adultery with six ladies he met on the Web and insisted "to the best of my knowledge they were all adults."
Some conservative bloggers have zeroed-in on an excited tweet the girl posted on April 13 in which she declared, "Seriously talking to Representative Weiner from New York right now! Like is my life real?"
Two days later, she complained that Weiner was no longer following her on Twitter.
"The blogs have taken a few tweets from a 17-year-old kid and put their own twist on messages that were just kid stuff," the source said. "Her family has gone through all her accounts and not found any inappropriate messages."
Team Weiner declined to immediately discuss his contacts with the teenager.
Weiner has been under pressure from fellow Democrats to resign, but Friday Rangel broke ranks and rose to his defense.
"Not one person has given any reason for a resignation," he said.
Rangel, who refused to quit last year after he was censured by the House for failing to pay taxes on his rental income, said he doesn't condone Weiner's X-rated computer conduct.
"I know one thing, he wasn't going with prostitutes," Rangel said. "He wasn't going out with little boys. He wasn't going into men's rooms with broad stances."
Rangel was referring, in order, to Louisiana Sen. David Vitter, who cheated on his wife with hookers; Florida Rep. Mark Foley, who sent sleazy e-mails to teenage boys; and Idaho Sen. Larry "Wide Stance" Craig, who got busted for lewdness in an airport rest room.
All three are Republicans. Vitter remains in the Senate.
Weiner, 46, whose district encompasses parts of Queens and Brooklyn, has a solid majority that wants him to stay, according to a recent New York 1/Marist poll.
Also, Weiner has a $4 million mayoral campaign war chest he can tap to fight ethics charges.
The scandal surrounding Weiner, whose wife Huma Abedin is pregnant, broke after he sent a Seattle college student a picture of his bulging underwear - and lied about it.
Within days the other Weiner girls were outed.

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