Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Big Secret Behind Weiner-Gate and the Weiner-Jihad

By Nicholas Contompasis

Anthony Weiner has been slowly sinking deeper into a cesspool every time he opens his mouth. His apparent coverup of tweeting a picture of an aroused penis has put him in the middle of a firestorm of speculation.
Did he do it? Well, most believe he did and now many are waiting for his confession. Of course, he has only been married a year. One can only imagine the turmoil that's going on inside his home with a Muslim wife on a Weiner-Jihad.
Putting that aside, there's much much more to this than meets the eye. What no one in the mainstream media will talk about is that this scandal has derailed Congressman Weiner's attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas's wife's Tea Party activism.
He has for several months been the lead attack dog for the socialist-liberal Democrats in Congress against the Thomas family.

At first glance one would blow off the attacks as frivolous, but when you understand that Weiner's call for Justice Thomas to recuse himself from the soon to be judgement on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, everything becomes clear.
If Justice Thomas stepped away from this decision, it would most likely lead to a defeat for the Right and ObamaCare would constitutionally be a law.
The only thing that could stop ObamaCare would be a defeat of Obama and a takeover of the Senate by the Right in 2012. That can happen, but at this point it's going to be a long shot.
Now, is the Right making an example of Weiner and has the Right finally gotten the balls to fight fire with fire, by hacking his twitter account and destroying this big mouth from New York? No one knows at this point, but you can bet the spin doctors on both sides of the political spectrum are up late figuring on how to close this one.
To put it in plain language, Weiner was a target a mile wide and somebody took him out, big time. The picture was his and he sent it. Somebody else on our side was quick enough to grab it and expose his folly.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. C , There's just something, that has been ringing bells on blog feeds,facebook and heave forbid TWITTER TWEETS! LOOKS like Spin is Spinning in the RIGHT DIRECTIONS, now for a change! I'm going to try posting to my walll profile on FB!