Saturday, June 18, 2011

President Obama’s Mysterious Scares

By Nicholas Contompasis

Over the past months questions have been asked about the President’s scars. He seems to have one on his head and another on his neck, as indicated in the photos. They’re long scares and suggest operations.

Now, I’m not saying the President has implants which control his actions by men of evil like George Soros, but it does deserve an explanation, since he is the leader of our country.

What are your thoughts, strange huh?


purplewings said...

I think the scars deserve an explanation as well as the two faked birth certificates, the fake social security numbers and maybe WHO he really is. Strange that any who could verify that have died suddenly. His mother a few years ago and his grandmother the day before he became officially president of the USA. I wonder about his name since he says he was adopted by Soetero, how could his name be anything other than that? Where is his stepfather? What capacity was he engaged with our CIA? So many questions and NO answers.

BeeSting said...

The scars may explain his brain-dead decision and ideology.
I absolutely enjoyed reading purplewings comment.