Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blago's a Dead Man Walking !

By Nicholas Contompasis

When I was a kid I lived just off the southwest runway of Midway Airport. On hot humid late summer days in the afternoon I would peer out at the airport with a clear view of encroaching thunderstorms. The black summer sky was a perfect backdrop for the frequent lightning strikes that would hit in and around the airfield.

Well, it looks as though the infamous Rob Blagojevich former Governor of Illinois is about to get hit with one of those lightning strikes.

Today on WLS Chicago talk radio, Blago on his scheduled Sunday show poured his heart out on the evils and corruption of Illinois government and political figures.

If you didn't know better you would think he was running for office instead of his life. If last weeks death of Chris Kelly was a sign for Blago to zip it up, he obviously didn't heed the warning.

You know that when the green light goes on in the studios of WLS for the show to begin, every recorder at the federal prosecutor's office is switched on, waiting for that moment, when Blago either slips up or intentionally spills the beans. The beans are his connection to Obama and Co.

As the pressure of the prosecutors noose tightens around his neck, this simple radio show may turn out to be his platform to spill the beans on Obama if prosecutors don't back off.
So, with everyone gunning for Blago, I wonder who will get to him first, an aspirin, a speeding car or that lightning strike ? Time will tell !

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