Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The United Nations - The House of Clowns, Buffoons, Liars and Terrorists

Today's speech by President Obama at the UN left no one questioning his motives. He wants to be King of the World. It's just that simple !

So, everyone move aside and let the anointed one through to take his throne.

Well, Mr. Obama be my guest. It's all yours. You'll be in good company with the rest of the global fools that rein within the House of the UN.

His speech had wonderful overtones but wasn't based in reality. His unrealistic ideas that everyone is going to get along now that he has "arrived" was amazingly childish and amateurish.

My god the world must be looking at the leader of the free world as some type of sucker ready for the taking.

All you have to do is listen to the speaker just after him, Omar Qaddafi to realize how messed up this world is. Omar's ranting and rambling hinted of mental disorders of the highest level.

We in America are in big trouble, with our President announcing to lower our military guard as a show of peace to the world.

Mr. President, its time to wake up and smell the oil fumes, your now the biggest clown in a house of clowns.

It's obvious from your latest foreign policy decisions you have no foreign policy at all. Your leaving a once strong America vulnerable to the clowns that run ramped in the world and you have no real answers or should I say policies to guide your own country.

Time to take off the clown suite Mr. President and save your countries economy before its to late.

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Anonymous said...

He wants to be King of the World, but he'll be lucky if he ends up Hall Monitor.