Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bill Clinton What Are You Smokin ?

Today on Meet the Press Former President Bill Clinton felt that the 2010 elections couldn't be as bad as the 1994 massacre of the democrat party.
"Billy Boy" , "Billy Boy", what the hell are you smokin ? Do you have blinders on ? Are you so up somebodies girlfriends skirt you can't see whats going on in America ? Are you not looking at the polls ? The polls man, the POLLS !
The congress's favor ability polls are at a low of 16%. Hello, hello "Billy Boy" are you watching or is life so good now you've completely lost touch with reality. The American people Hate the Speaker of the House. The Presidents polls are dropping below 50% and you think it cant be that bad.
Well Mr. Clinton, I was around during the 1994 elections. I remember the feeling on the street towards his administration and the democrats and there is no contest when it comes to the anger and contempt for this Administration and the democrats in congress.
There is a unprecedented movement in the country RIGHT NOW to remove every politician in office.
In my many years of observing human nature in this country I have never seen America more fired up.
So, Mr Clinton, you keep rolling that dubby and why don't you let me light that bad boy up with the fire of the American People !


drbarbier said...

Go Nick your perspective is right on target.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thanks for the comment Dr. Barbier. Good luck with the Chris Christie race in New Jersey. "I know this time our side will win"