Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Bill of Rights Are In Danger !

I have to do this article now before something happens in New York City. Today's ever expanding terrorist investigation of possible attacks on gathering spots in the City has everybody all a flurry. We also have many world leaders meeting in New York, some friends, some not. So, it wouldn't be far fetched for some showoff terrorist to try and impress one of our foes.

But, that's not what this article is about.

My brain has been exploding with the fear of what is coming down the road for our freedom of speech. OK, before you turn to another website, hear me out.

Its been observed by yours truly that the far left is hell bent on passing laws that will outlaw what you can and cannot say in the media, including blogs on the net.

It never fails but I know on Sundays when normal people are at their place of worship or with the family, the godless disenfranchised left are busy cooking up the regular Monday morning attack on decent America people.

Last week quivery mouth Nancy Pelosi expressed her displeasure with the nasty discourse over the health care bill on the hill.

Now, we have former President Clinton expressing the same lines, without tears of course.

This technique is used by most politicians to float a trial balloon " an idea " to see what type of reaction you get before you move forward with legislation on that very " idea ".

The Left knows that Talk Radio is the "Rights" sword and they wield it well. If they could silence this penetrating and effective medium they would score a major victory in stifling the truth.

By passing a law outlawing certain speech or words and attaching massive fines for violations, they could effectively put Talk Radio out of business.

So, don't be surprised when on some rainy Monday morning you hear that our cherished freedom of speech is gone !
Is there no end to the Lefts "un-american activities". Hum, sounds like a good name for some senatorial hears, don't you think? Maybe it's time again to clean up this place !


jody said...

Please let everyone know about the rally at UN http://www.standforfreedominiran.org/

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Jody it's my fear that this rally is in danger of being disrupted by terrorists. Watch yourself, please.