Sunday, September 20, 2009

Afghanistan is Lost !

Afghanistan is lost. It's my belief that the Obama administration has already made the decision to back out of this war torn country.
The chess pieces are already falling into place with the Presidents pullback of a missile defense system for eastern Europe and Russia's announcement halting the installation of medium range missiles on their eastern front.
With Obama telling the media two days ago that he is delaying a decision to send more troops, he has all but sealed the fate of this fledgling democracy.
It is obvious that he has excepted a nuclear Iran and will allow a sphere of influence by Iran to include Afghanistan and Syria. The countries on the front lines will continue to be Iraq and Pakistan which most likely will fall within two to three years. Just in time for the US Presidential elections.
Obama is cutting and running from the single enemy in the world that everyone wants stopped.
Yet, he is doing it. Why, you ask? Well, whether you believe this or not our US foreign policy has been hijacked by strong foreign influences. Influences that are 180 degrees from the Bush administrations goals. I know, my neck feels wrenched too.
If you've been noticing Obama's foreign policy has been compromising on all fronts. He has abandoned the pro Democracy, pro western influence doctrine of the Bush Administration for the " you can have whatever you want, as long as you like us " doctrine.
It's my belief that this weeks round of meetings in the US involving many world leaders will include some startling announcements to digest. Some not so easy to get down.
After all we must remember, Obama is just a community organizer who got lucky becoming President of the United States. Global chess just isn't something he knows that much about, right ! He could win the war in Afghanistan but he doesn't want too. The reason why is to frightening to put in writing. God help us all.


Anonymous said...

Afghanistan is lost? Well, define victory. What is the ultimate goal? What must be accomplished in order to walk away victorious? Do we have the resources and stamina necessary to impose and maintain the philosophies and standards by which we live to this part of the world? And for how long? Will success be dependent on our presence only? As much as it pains me, I agree with Obama on this one, or maybe I should say, I fully understand his plight............. “Because I’m the one who’s answerable to their parents if they don’t come home. So I have to ask some very hard questions any time I send our troops in.”

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Victory is defined as containment of Iran and radical Islam.
This battle has the face of a religious war but in essence is an economic war that is centered around the central Asian energy hub , pipelines,oil and gas fields.
If they are not stopped there they will come to visit as today's headlines prove. There is no timeline for this battle so if your not willing to protect yourself there you'll be doing it here. Because they will not stop in asia or Europe.
So, don't confuse or overanalyze the issue. Its all pretty simple.