Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nancy Pelosi - The Guillotine is Not Dead

Nancy Pelosi, the mousy congresswomen from California who is now Speaker of the House came out today crying on national TV about how the discourse over the health care bill reminds her of the assassination of mayor Moscone in San Francisco.
She actually for the first time looked scared.
Well, she should look scared.
Does she really think that the games she and her liberal friends are playing on capital hill, with American families will have no consequences?

HELLO, NANCY, HELLO, ARE YOU LISTENING? The people of America hate you. They know your screwing them and they are furious. Your attitude on TV is so aloof and insensitive, people can see right through your self serving, self centered, egotistical ways.
You see Nancy when people are losing their jobs, their homes and their savings, watching you in your $ 2,000 outfits and your overstretched face lift, telling them that their taxes are going up and they might lose their wonderful medical insurance, you better be scared, big time scared !
Her quivering voice was so pathetic to listen to I prayed that our enemies around the world weren't watching our third in line for the Presidency.
Nancy...., just a little advice from one who knows and has read a little French history. Tone it down baby !
I know you don't realize this because of your egocentric disorder but every time your on TV your screaming " let them eat cake ".
If you think the guillotine is dead, think again !


Janet said...

"egocentric DISORDER" . . . love it!
I didn't know ANYONE in San Francisco was conservative! OR Christian . . .Rock on, my brother!
Nice blog.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Your comments made me smile. Thanks, so much.

Anonymous said...

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