Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Obama / Chris Kelly ( found dead today ) Connection "Chicago Style" Politics

By Nicholas Contompasis

What does the sudden death of Christopher Kelly, "main bag man" for former Governor Rod Blagojevich have to do with President Obama ? Well, if you know anything of politics " Chicago Style " they all seem to know each other.
After the ACORN exposure this past week and it's known connection with the embattled President Obama, we come away wondering if anyone from Chicago isn't corrupt.
Kelly was due to start his 8 year sentence for political corruption when he was found dead by an overdose of aspirins. The medical examiner said an autopsy would be performed. Hum, aspirins, you sure about that ? Didn't you notice the hole in the back of his head or maybe some needle marks from injections of poisons. Well, that would be to easy, right.
I guess Chicago has cleaned up it's act since I left in 1963. Hum, the year Jack was taken out, but I digress. Back than if you crossed the wrong guys you ended up in the Chicago river only to be found weeks later.
Kelly had secrets about Blagojevich and company and wasn't telling. It looks as though those secrets are gone forever or are they? Is it possible that Christopher Kelly made a note with names and information relating to his bag man activities -- this note would be made known if anything happened to him in a rather sudden manner.
Are those names part of the higher ups in the Obama administration? We sure know there are a lot of Chicago boys hanging around the White House these days don't we !
I bet there is a great sigh of relief over in that DC district, but did he leave a note ? Did he ?


Bren said...

I wouldn't put it pass anyone connected to Obama and this long line of corrupt people to have murdered this man! I could be next for writing Obama so many letters, keep a watch 4 me clawback1 RT @BBME Thanks for keeping us posted!GOD HELP US ALL..WE HAVE GOT TO STOP THIS EVIL TAKING OVER OUR LAND. GOD WILL ALWAYS REIGN OVER OBAMA & ALLAH & MAY HE BRING AMERICA BACK TO HIM! AMEN!

Evelyn said...

In all of my 20 yrs of nursing in critical care, I have never heard of aspirin overdose. Only a few Tylenol, which is more likely to be fatal if not caught in time for stomach to be pumped and charcoal to be given.But I cannot recall a single aspirin overdose. Tylenol, btw, has no antidote, Aspirin does.

Nicholas Contompasis said...

Thanks for your professional opinion Evelyn. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.