Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 The Terror Timeline

In 2004 I bought a book called the Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson. He is a Stanford graduate who went to great lengths to compile as much information of pre and post 9/11 events. I found the book to be completely mesmerizing. I actually checked out some of his sources and found them to be correct.
Each page of this book's 568 pages gives so much information about the warning signs and the details of 9/11 that you come away scratching your head asking why know one in either the Bush or the Clinton administrations did anything concrete to prepare for this tragic day.
To this day I still use this book as a source to help connect today's headlines.
I tried to see if Mr. Thompson had a political side to his book but came away seeing only a real researcher looking for answers. Although many have tried to twist his finding, he has stayed true to his material. He reminds me of the old main stream media that went into the world to find the truth instead of pushing a political agenda.
Even after 8 years have past I highly recommend this book for a true view of what happened on September 11, 2001.
So, on the anniversary of that tragic day, it might be wise to pick up a good book we can learn from.

I have listed below YouTube addresses of the authors interview with Peter Coyote if your interested.

Video 1

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Any thoughts on PRESS FOR TRUTH, a video produced by Terror Timeline people??