Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Former President Jimmy Carter is a Hemorrhoid on the Butt of America"

" And with no Preparation H in sight".
The former president announced yesterday that any opposition to President Obamas policies are racist based.
Interesting Mr. Carter is dragged out every time the democrats start going down in flames. This anachronism just seems to keep coming back time and time again with no real effect or influence on the issues. His comments are that itchy feeling that you wish would just go away, forever.
Mr. Carter has been properly labeled antisemitic with the release last year of his book "Palestine : Peace Not Apartheid" .
Last year I did a lot of research on Prince Al waleed of Saudi Arabia who is the wealthiest Muslim in the world and is very influential in world affairs including the election of Barack Obama. You can fill in the gaps on that statement.
I follow the Princes schedule of who he meets, when and where. Last year during our election year prior to the endorsement of Obama for the democrat ticket, I noticed that Prince Al waleed met with Jimmy Carter in Saudi Arabia around the time he released his controversial book. He spent almost two weeks at the Princes resort. He emerged from his little vacation to announce his endorsement for Barack Obama for President of the United States. Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say? The prince had the same type of meeting with Warren Buffett three days before he backed Obama. Interesting huh?
It is becoming evident that everything coming from Jimmy's mouth should be ignored for what it is, just 70's treasonous anti American rhetoric.

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