Thursday, September 10, 2009

He's Losing It - Obama !

As the President's speeches now surpass his days in office, today's pathetic attempt to regurgitate last nights failed attempt at turning the downward spiral of his health care initiative, "showed his desperation". With a nurses group that represents less than 5% of all nurses in America in the background we heard a half hearted audience clapping. I'm sure they are now on the permanent payroll of the white house.

In the Presidents speech today he mentioned that more people have lost their health insurance due to loss of job.

I have mentioned in the past that President Obama's lack of usage of the stimulus money to create jobs was an attempt to force more people out of their jobs and health insurance.

If you have lost your job in the past 6 months I would feel insulted and angry that a president would purposely force you out of your job for a talking point in a speech.

Is that what you are, a talking point ?

You wonder why so many people are angry. This man could care less about the American People. It's more important for him to create the biggest government agency ever.

Yesterday, I reviewed Senator Baucus's health care bill and noticed that the changes in the tax codes are massive.

To call this bill a Tax Bill would not be far off. How does the President tell everyone that he is giving them a tax cut when he's pouring his heart out to increase them.

I'm a professional in the accounting industry and I know what I'm talking about.

The Obama health care bill is more of a TAX BILL than a health care bill.

With every speech Obama makes he becomes less effective. Our foreign enemies saw this the first day he took office and now they're having a free for all around the world with their unbridled expansion.

The American People are becoming more and more disenchanted with this "MAN" a point that should not be forgotten.

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Calling real nurses that know better!