Monday, September 7, 2009

Boycott Your School Tuesday September 8th - Why ?

If you're upset over the Presidential address to the students of America get ready, more is coming.
Do you think a Marxist Socialist President is going to leave our children alone? You wish !
The whole idea of perpetuating a revolution is to indoctrinate the children. This technique is as old as the hills.
You see, President Obama, in his own mind thinks he is the leader of a revolution to Socialize America. It doesn't matter what the polls say, that's what runs through his mind every minute of every day.
He has every intention to use the Department of Education to slowly change the class rooms of America. Along with the teacher unions across the country he could be very successful if he is not stopped. As the new Secretary of Education said two days ago almost 30% of our kids don't finish school. They, the unions and liberal doctrine have been running our schools like most inner cities and now the US government by over spending and not getting anything done.
The President has just released his revised speech to our children. So what! He wont stop there. He has his people in place to carry out his agenda behind your back.
As a parent your only real eyes on the classroom is your children and what do they really know?
They can be fooled so easily on a daily basis and before you know it you've lost your kids.
Its not wise to let this potential problem go on.
If the parents of American students in public schools decided to boycott and protest against the way the schools are being used to indoctrinate, it would send a clear message that they are not happy.
By not sending your children to school September 8th you will be saying no to unions, no to the Presidents education policy, no to a godless government, no to the brain washing of your children.
The Power of the Parent must be recognized and respected by the government. Nothing could be more personal !

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It's all about being aware, informed, and in prayer. My thoughts on this: