Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yes It Was Andrew Breitbart Who Single-handedly Destroyed Palestine's Chance for Statehood

By Nicholas Contompasis

So, as I see it, if it wasn't for Andrew Breitbart who exposed Congressmen Anthony Weiner of New York's 9th District, Palestine would be a recognized country by the United Nations this week.
Weiner, as you may remember, was forced to step down because of his sexual exploits on the internet. Andrew Breitbart obtained photos of the naked Weiner and distributed them through his website.
Because of Weiners forced resignation last month the district had to have a special election to replace him.
That special election happened two weeks ago and the results of that election may have changed the Democrat agenda towards Israel for years to come.
In a predominately Jewish district that has sent Liberal Democrats to Congress for decades, they elected a conservative Republican.
The results of that election sent shock waves straight to the White House and to President Obama.
It was no secret that Obama had a hard-on for Israel and has taken every opportunity to express it. The President must have thought Jews in America weren't looking during his trashing, but they were and they didn't like it.
So, because of the results of this bellwether district's election, the President was forced politically to change his vote in the U.N. from a "Yes" for statehood to a "Veto,"
thus denying Palestinians statehood.
And to think, it all started with a smartphone snapshot of Congressmen Anthony Weiners aroused weiner!!! Ain't politics something?

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