Sunday, September 25, 2011

When Clergy Behave Like Charlie Manson

By Nicholas Contompasis

Why is it, that religious leaders, for the most part, study and practice their religion in a peaceful way and spread the religion in the same manner. Yet, we have a so-called religion, Islam that utilizes its leading clergy to spread hate and destruction, literally around world.
The similarity between the religion of Charlie Manson and Islam is incontrovertible after you examine its premise.
For both Charlie and his counterparts in Islam wash their hands of the atrocities they inspire. Charlie to this day, says he never killed anyone. That's correct, but he was convicted of inspiring individuals to kill, and they did. It's not good to have movie stars murdered in such a manner in Tinseltown.
So, we now have a worldwide religion acting as though it were led by madmen who when push comes to shove, wash their hands of their followers' acts.
Our judicial system properly took care of Mr. Manson, but why, one must ask, does it stop short of dishing out the same to Islam? Is it simply because they call themselves a religion or is it more because there are one and half billion of them roaming the earth (24% of humanity)? You need not answer, it's obvious!
Nonetheless, when a cleric behind the scenes orchestrates mass murders of innocent non-believing civilians, that's not a religion, it's a war machine that for centuries has attempted to bridge the byways into Europe and the rest of the world.
This war machine has to be stopped where it thrives or someday your children or grandchildren could be facing a Charlie Manson as President of the United States.
Some say, that day has already arrived.......

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