Monday, September 19, 2011

NY 9th, Signal to Liberal Jews

By Nicholas Contompasis

Since the loss of NY 9th to a Republican, CNBC has declared war on Obama. Cramer on Friday stated that Wall Street hates Obama and just this morning a guest thought he should not run in 2012 just as former President Johnson did in the late '60s. Obama's anti-Israel anti-business positions have finally turned the Liberal Jewish lead mainstream media against him.
That election was the turning point in his Presidency.
So please don't tell me the Jewish vote doesn't count in America. With only 1.9% of the population, their influence in American media, law, education, finance, politics and now the internet play a dominant role in who leads this country. And please spare me the anti-Semitic bullshit comments, it's real, it's here and it's in your face!!!  

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