Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Expect Jewish Riots in the 9th Congressional District of New York

By Nicholas Contompasis

The very Liberal bigmouth Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner, who was forced to step down from his job has left open a major defeat for President Obama.
With the Republican Bob Turner in the lead by 6% over Democrat David Weprin, the President is getting nervous.
This seat had no strategic importance until former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch, weighed in proclaiming that Democrats should vote for the Republican, which is never done in the 9th District since it's 3-1 Democrat and predominately Liberal Jewish.
Koch, a gay Liberal Jew, it seems has had enough of Obama and his attacks on Israel. He is now counter punching by redefining this race and possibly the national Presidential election in 2012. This action of Koch's is simply brilliant politically, and could someday be considered Obama's Waterloo.
This election is now about Jews in America pushing back at their golden-boy Obama.
The fact, that a man that started and ran the Rush Limbaugh TV show back in the '90s is ahead of a Jew in the 9th by 6% on Election Day shouts volumes in the direction of the White House.
The major problem now is, will the Liberal Left allow this to happen? Of course they won't, and they will stop at nothing to corrupt the legitimate vote. The Left has pumped millions into this race with no real effect. The next logical step the Left has is to stuff the ballet boxes, and they will. Obama will stop at nothing to avoid a personal humiliation, and by now, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
When the corruption that is the Obama Administration is caught disrupting the legitimate electoral process in a heavily Liberal Jewish District all hell will break loose. Its okay to corrupt a Republican district but when it comes to their own, it's taboo.
The slowley simmering Liberal Jews in America have watched their chosen one minimize their homeland to an irrelevant sandlot and they will finally have their say today in the 9th District of New York.
If this slap in the face of Obama is not delivered I would expect outrage and demonstrations in the streets of the 9th, like in Tehran two years ago.

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