Sunday, September 4, 2011

Liberal Jews Confronted By a Real Jew at Harvard Square Palestinian Support Demonstration

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KellyJaye said...

As usual, answer questions with questions. Or, in the case of the proclaimed Jew, "my family is Jewish" so that excuses me for being a hypocrite. {sigh}

BTW, these people appear to not know what apartheid really is.

Within Israel, the "Arab minority are full citizens with voting rights and representation in the government.
The situation of Palestinians in the territories — won by Israel in a defensive war forced upon it by its neighbors—is different. The security requirements of the nation, and a violent insurrection in the territories, have forced Israel to impose restrictions on Arab residents of the West Bank that are not necessary inside Israel’s pre-1967 borders.
The Palestinians in the territories, typically, dispute Israel’s right to exist whereas blacks did not seek the destruction of South Africa, only the apartheid regime.
Palestinians from the territories are allowed to work in Israel and receive similar pay and benefits to their Jewish counterparts. They are allowed to attend schools and universities. Palestinians have been given opportunities to run many of their own affairs. None of this was true for South African blacks."