Monday, September 5, 2011

George Soros is Furious With His Butt-Buddy Obama for Backing Off on His New EPA Regulations - This is the Email From Soros Sent Out to Your Children's Teachers This Evening

By Nicholas Contompasis

Things are heating up as the Left goes into a tailspin over Obama's retreat on his EPA regulations that would literally close down most of our coal power plants leaving America in the dark ages. In retaliation President Obama in Detroit today gave the Presidential approval to James Hoffa after Hoffa declared war on the Tea Party.
There is no doubt that the next fourteen months will be a nail-biter as Obama and his "Army" of union thugs attempt to disrupt America's Presidential electoral process. No one will be safe as we enter the hot steamy summer of 2012.

From: Adam Ruben, Political Action []
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2011 3:32 PM
Subject: Obama did what?

Dear MoveOn member,
I have some tremendously upsetting news: Late Friday, President Obama overruled EPA science and blocked crucial new protections against smog pollution that have been years in the making.1
The decision came after a major campaign by corporate polluters and Republicans to kill the rules.2 The result, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is likely to be tens of thousands of premature deaths, as well as increased illness among seniors, kids with asthma, and people who have lung problems.3
Worse, in announcing his decision, President Obama repeated discredited tea party talking points about environmental rules costing jobs. The reality is that these standards were the best thing for the economy and the environment. And clean air protections are the perfect issue to remind Americans that enforcing rules to protect citizens' health and safety is one of the most important roles for our government.
With congressional Republicans planning a series of votes starting this week to block other health and environmental standards, we need to set the record straight, right away.4
Will you write a letter to the editor of your local paper reminding folks that environmental protections like these smog rules protect our health AND strengthen our economy?
Our website will give you some tips and make it easy for you to submit the letter to a newspaper near you. And your letter will help persuade folks in your community that we shouldn't be tearing our government down—we should be making it work.
President Obama tried to bury this news by announcing it hours before Labor Day weekend. But on Labor Day we need him standing up for the kinds of health and safety protections that working folks and labor unions have spent decades fighting for, not repeating Republican talking points about how we don't need them.
What's more, Nobel-Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman pointed out that this anti-smog rule would actually create clean energy jobs: "It would have forced firms to spend on upgrading or replacing equipment, helping to boost demand. Yes, it would have cost money—but that's the point!"5
Help push back against tea party Republicans' message that we can't afford to protect our health and safety.
Write a letter to the editor today.
Thank you.
–Adam, Robin, Marika, Peter, and the rest of the team

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