Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Marathon Bombings - Why???

The terrorist bombings by two brothers of Chechen heritage last week at the Boston Marathon, raises many issues and serious questions that will plague authorities and the world for months to come.   
The first obvious question is how could young American-raised Chechens become radicalized Muslim terrorists? Who could have radicalized them or did the process occur naturally without an outside influence? Why did these brothers become radicalized at the same time? Why didn’t the younger brother simply give up after seeing his older brother killed by police? Why would Chechen-Americans attack the American people when Chechnya’s war was with Russia not the U.S.? Why haven’t any terrorist organizations claimed responsibility for this act? Did the brothers attend a Mosque, and if they did was the Mosque radicalized (dumb question you say)? Is the radicalization process that is now occurring around the world no longer pitting ethnic Muslims against a direct enemy, but is now being directed at the entire non-Muslim world?  Was the, what is now being called the “Marathon Bombings,” a signal that Islam is now at war with the non-Islamic World? Was the Marathon Bombings the beginning of World War III?
The “clear and present danger” that faces the U.S. and the world is Islam and the Boston bombings should sadly be another wakeup call for this country to limit Islamic immigration to our shores.
The Obama Administration has been conveniently and politically quick to sweep the War on Terror under the carpet, out of sight of most Americans. But, it just won’t die and keeps coming back time after time relentlessly attacking with no stop in sight. Many clear-thinking intelligent people see the handwriting on the wall and realize where this is all going, and it has a frightening conclusion if we as the non-Muslim world continue to ignore its signs.
Whether you’re French, Pilipino, Thai, Indian, Kenyan, Egyptian, Malian, English, Spanish, Chinese, American and a dozen more ethnic groups, you are now the enemy! If the world does not resist, it will eventually become terrorized and ultimately neutralized by a more violent and relentless group of people that want only for you to be enslaved by a powerful mind-controlling cult called Islam. – N.P.Contompasis  

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