Monday, April 1, 2013

I Think You Better Read This

If you’re one of the many millions in the United States who are completely confused by the Liberal Left’s motives and behavior over the past two decades, I hope this article helps to clear things up for you. 
My purpose for this article is to help you thoroughly understand the agenda and plans the Left have for you, your family and our country. I will try and make things short and to the point so you’re not bogged down with unnecessary reading. 
First, most on the Left have no idea what their leaders have up their sleeves. They don’t know the plan. The vast majority of followers are like little Nazi’s heading off to war, and will die willingly for the cause, of which they haven’t a clue what it is.
Now, you’re going to know something not even the majority on the Left does.
There’s a bipartisan movement within D.C. that’s global in reach that wants the United Nations (UN) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) along with many central banks, to run the world. There are many names for this idea, you can call it what you want, but the fact remains it’s a plan for the entire world and every day we move closer to its completion, whether you like it or not. Of course you’re probably saying “hey, I already knew that.” Okay, but do you know how it relates to almost every issue our country now faces? From New York Mayor Bloomberg’s attempt to tell freedom loving Americans what they can eat to a $100,000,000,000 super train from Sacramento to Los Angeles, it all is part of the plan.
Did you know that U.N. treaties which are agreed to and enforced are now becoming recognized as the laws of the world with an enforcer NATO and a World Court to prosecute? They have already been practicing with this new world government by holding it like a big club over the Dark Continent and the former Yugoslavia.
You see the world is now sidestepping our Constitution and the Rights therein by creating this new world government. You see the world has never had the likes of our Constitution and Bill of Rights, their concept and the intricacies of our working government to guide them; otherwise they would not be still searching for perfection. Unfortunately, we now have forces within our government who intend on placing more Justices on our Supreme Court who will fall in line with this international way of thinking leaving our God given rights behind.
When you see both Republican and Democrat Congressmen and women passing bills that are not in the best interests of America and its sovereignty, now you know why!!! They no longer accept the beliefs of our Founders and have joined the ever growing chorus of naysayers who think they can make a better world government, a world government of no wars, no need for basic creature comforts and no need to envy ones neighbor. Our very own Supreme Court is now been infiltrated by these un-American Internationalists.
When you watch our country slowly turn towards a near socialist state you have to understand that in this new world food, shelter, medical and other basic needs will be provided to all by the state. Capitalism will be allowed to flourish but only as a highly regulated extravagance. You see whatever is done for you here in the U.S., it will be done everywhere in the world. That’s the plan…. And you will pay for it, well, high wage earners and people from countries that have prospered will. It will become one big global balancing act, making sure that everyone’s basic needs are provided for.
When you see both Republicans and Democrats vote for amnesty for people that are here illegally while continuing to allow even more to enter, you’re seeing another part of the one world order, no borders. The U.N. feels that everyone should have the right to go anywhere they want in our big world. But there are problems with that of which we here in the U.S. are finding out.
The timing of the Left’s gun control bill is now ironically falling in line with a U.N. treaty banning all guns internationally this week and our government is planning to sign on to it. But what about our Second Amendment right you might say? Well, what about it!
ObamaCare should have been your first clue as to what’s going on. That Bill would’ve passed even if no one showed up. Why, because it’s part of the agenda to bring all countries in line with social benefits so that when the masses eventually come here from around the world there will be basic medical care provided for them.
You see it’s not only about votes but being in compliance with the many U.N. treaties we are now signing on too.
High-speed bullet trains, bans on 32 oz. sodas, Agenda 21, ObamaCare, Cap n Trade, anti-bulling laws, rigged elections, Dodd-Frank Bill, media bias, military inaction, a government with no budget, Bills “deemed” passed, monetary policies that rig the system, gun bans, ever higher gasoline costs, more emission requirements, words you can’t say for fear of offending, no borders, no questions, more taking of government handouts, banning salt, banning sugar, banning almost anything that you’ve been doing for decades is now wrong, yes all of these things connect back to U.N. treaties and pressures to be a one world government.
Politicians stop short of telling you this for fear of a mass revolt. They know the American people wouldn’t take to experimenting with their time tested lifestyle. So they keep this plan low-down where only the ones that care and take the painstaking time to find it, do. And if these true patriots speak out on this crazy idea smear them, discredit them and annihilate them with disinformation and false accusations as Dr. Carson is now experiencing.
Oh, and one last very important thing, God, there's no room for God in this brave new world. God causes wars, everybody knows that!
These people really want this bad and they’ll never go away until Americans realize what’s happening to them. – N.P.Contompasis

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