Sunday, April 28, 2013

Okay, Okay I Get It..., But!!!

I get it when the Surgeon General says that smoking cigarettes kills you. I watch those people who take the elevator all the way down to street level to light up those cancer sticks. I get it! I watch them, the dirty scum who congregate near the gutters of our major cities, those smokers. They’re killing themselves and me too, I get it!
I get it when Mothers Against Drunk Driving completely flip our wonderful drinking world on its ear with numerous heinous laws and fines to get the party people off the roads, including me. I get it! Drinking and driving is bad. People sometimes have accidents and people can die. I get it! It’s not a good thing when little kids die or even whole families are slaughtered by that old stinking drunk who felt it was more important for him to finish off that quart of vodka before noon than sober up from the night before. They just don’t get it, but I do!
But, as the days quickly pass I’m noticing more and more that I’m that drunk riding his bicycle instead of his car. I’m that guy puffing on his last cigarette at street level like some leper that society has passed by or simply want to forget about.
Is the feeling of American patriotism now the new taboo? Could it be that someday society will be corralling patriots who love their country into little sectors like those scummy smokers, out of the way to be starved, denied health care and minimized into oblivion like what’s left of the Native American Indian?
I get it when our President seems more interested in getting third world terrorists to our shores than taking care of the people already here. I get it when schools expel kids for wearing t-shirts proclaiming the Second Amendment, I GET IT!
I get it when our Federal Government sues states for simply trying to enforce Federal laws the Fed won’t enforce.
You know I could go on and on all day about this but, I know you get it too!!! – N.P.Contompasis 

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