Monday, April 1, 2013

“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy?”

I wonder if the Gang of 8, the Congressmen who are putting together the Immigration Bill from Hell is reading today’s news. This is news about another state law enforcement official being assassinated by Mexican drug gangs* in a U.S. border state. This is no job, the terror that is now spreading throughout our border state governments is crippling. The war we all feared is on and we’re fighting with one hand behind our back, again! 
Any person connected to law enforcement in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California better be sleeping with a pistola under their pillow. The threat is real and the war is on.
Now we wonder when a Governor of one of our border states will be assassinated, while our President sues Arizona for simply trying to protect Americans from these terrorist. Mr. President “have you read the news today, oh boy,” or are you still campaigning. – N.P.Contompasis

** Mexico's drug gangs are using white supremacist gangs as assassins to deflect any interest in them.

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