Monday, December 12, 2011

Slap-down Obama

By Nicholas Contompasis
Did you watch President Obama last might on 60 Minutes? Did you hear his smug little answers with his smug little smiles? An unsuspecting ill informed viewer could have easily been fooled by his self-assured attitude. Dangerous determination, were the only words I could think of while observing him tap-dancing atop Steve Kroft's questions. Last night's performance drove-home the stark reality that beating Obama won't be easy, and sending up a pussy-like Mitt Romney to defeat him ain't such a great idea. 
The polls that now favor Newt Gingrich over Romney are saying only one thing, the American people want this arrogant so-of-a-bitch slapped down to size publicly in a big way and Newt is the man to do it!!!  

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