Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obama - Dangerous Obsessions

By Nicholas Contompasis

Does Exxon-Mobil run its corporation like our government? For that matter, does Apple run its corporation like our government? What about IBM, McDonalds, Walmart, Boeing, Dupont, Procter and Gamble, Caterpillar or Microsoft?
Of course not, otherwise they'd be grappling for Federal bailout monies to save themselves!
Now, does Citigroup run its corporation like our government? For that matter, does Bank of America run its corporation like our government? What about Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, Wachovia, General Motors, U.S. Postal Service, ConRail, AmTrack, state run university systems, local school systems and you know I could go on? Of course they do, because politicians have done a good job of destroying them with policies, regulations and operatives from both domestic and international interest groups.
A line in the sand is now drawn between these two types of corporations. Capitalism is now under a full frontal assault by the very government that for decades has promoted its virtues. How can any corporation or people defend themselves from their very own government without being crushed morally and spiritually?
The old saying "You can't fight city hall" comes to mind when examining this battle royal. The insidious tentacles of now proven corrupted politicians and their thousands of ensnaring laws and regulations have made a nightmare for companies that have been the backbone of job creation and innovation in our country for over a hundred years.
Unfortunately, this diabolical cancerous growth is not only affecting our overwhelmingly successful economic system but our Constitution and Bill of Rights which have been the glue that keeps our society together.
America has reached a precipice of its own making by allowing our elected officials to place themselves above the laws of the land, to immorally enrich themselves by the manipulation of these laws and to ultimately destroy a once efficient and great nation.
If the remaining viable U.S. multinational corporations succumb to the destroyers of what is good about our country, we most assuredly will lose our position as leader of the free world and run the risk of being enslaved and split up by tyrannical foreign interests.

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