Monday, December 5, 2011

H.D.S. - The New Mischief-makers and Their Plan to Destabilize Our Societies

By Nicholas Contompasis

Have you heard of Gene Sharp, Peter Ackerman or George Soros? If you have, then you know about what's been happening around the world. Keep in mind, for every Peter Ackerman there are fifty individuals and governments doing the same thing.
The unsuspecting governments of North Africa and the Middle East are experiencing a new form of warfare, High-tech Destabilization of Societies (HDS). Their motto is, "If it's breakable, we'll break it."
In simple and quick terms the technique is to use wireless mobile devices coupled with social media that has worldwide access. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, smartphones and live video feeds makes any peasant a broadcast czar. The once muffled and censored little man is now getting his demands out to a somewhat moral and just world.
The trick is to get the right countries behind the little man's demands and the tyrant or leader falls.
Now, that's very nice in a Utopian kind of way, but why is our government getting involved, since we still are top dog in world diplomacy and security? Why would we promote instability? Why would we stir the sleeping giant?
Yes, it's much cheaper to promote ideas electronically than with bullets, but why upset the applecart?
It's been determined that the North African uprising that started last January was promoted by an offshoot of Peter Ackerman's group out of Eastern Europe. Peter Ackerman is an American, a well connected American billionaire. Was he trying to pull off a George Soros by simply destabilizing Tunisia for some equity gain through a hedge-fund? He also could have been contracted by the C.I.A. to take the dictator out but something went wrong, very wrong. The fire they started spread taking out almost six governments in six months.
What many don't know is that someone is and has been trying to destabilize Cuba in the same way. Castro saw this one coming a mile away, well lets be exact, ninety miles away. He jailed everyone involved and has created a huge diplomatic brouhaha over any release of prisoners of the new age revolutionaries. Somehow, it seems like our State Department was involved with this subversion.
You can now see hints of the same techniques being used here in the U.S. as we get closer to our 2012 Presidential Election and every American should be on guard. I'm sure the President was hoping that his Occupy Wall Street riots would've spread with more intensity using these tools.
But, we have another year for him to master the new techniques of HDS. This isn't going to get better as the new mischief-makers of the new age revolutionaries press on towards anarchy.

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