Sunday, December 4, 2011

All Men Are Created Equal? - Not in America

By Nicholas Contompasis

I say give it back, all of it, all the money you congressmen and congresswomen made on insider transactions over the last ten years. All of it, you bum's!!! It's been calculated that literally billions were made by our elected officials, their friends and their friends of friends, while you the average investor struggled to maintain a positive rate of return on your 401-K's. Are all men created equal in America?
This past week over a hundred congressmen submitted a bill that would take away this special privilege the "ruling class" now have to trade on insider information.
Martha Stewart must be throwing blueberry muffins at her TV! Imagine spending time in a federal prison like she did for something they can legally do, while sleazy congressmen shorted her stock. She lost billions while they laughed all the way to the bank. Are all men created equal in America?
No joke, this is more serious than you think. It drives right to the core of who we are as Americans. Our founding fathers set up our republic to insure there would never be a "ruling class." Well, forget it, we now have a "ruling class" and they are now trying to cover up their tracks by jamming this bill through as soon as possible so to counter any backlash. Are all men created equal in America?
They did this when ACORN was finally exposed for what is was, a Liberal money laundering scheme that funneled taxpayer monies back to campaign coffers. They passed the defunding of that fiasco in a D.C. minute, while the country figured all was well now. But, ACORN is still around under different names and still fleecing the taxpayer. Are all men created equal in America?
When are the American people going to get it? These renegade lunatics we vote into office year after year are systematically setting themselves up as kings and queens of the realm while you are forced to eat cake! Frankly, you shouldn't care if it was legal, it wasn't right, and they should've known better, shame on them. If they the "ruling class" passed a law saying they can murder someone without consequence, would that be right? No, of course not! Are all men created equal in America?
Again, if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the reason why the Tea Party is such a threat to both the Republican and Democrat party establishment. The Tea Party has become the good-old-boy-and-girl spoiler who crashed the party. That's why the Tea Party must be stopped or the gravy train will derail. Are all men created equal in America?
So, as one of many founding fathers of the Tea Party, I say "Give it back, give it all back." Give back all profits made from insider information over the past ten years!!!
Finally, for poor judgement all Americans should demand the resignation of any and all congressmen and congresswomen who have partaken in this practice. Are all men created equal in America? Not anymore!!!

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Do you feel that Syria spying on dissidents?