Friday, December 2, 2011

Now They're Calling Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators "HERO'S" - George Soros's Just Sent This Email to Your Children's Teacher - You Should Be Worried!!!

By Nicholas Contompasis

Not only did George Soros attempt to rally America's school teachers for Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, he now is gathering up money from them to support the attack on our last remaining banks that are frankly already supported by your tax dollars.
If the lawsuits that are being filled by many Democrat State Attorneys successful, it would mean the federal government, meaning you and me will have to pony up even more billions to satisfy these suits. Since we don't have the money anyway, we would have to raise taxes even further or borrow even more from China or the Federal Reserve. It's a lose-lose situation no matter how you look at it.
All in all, again Soros is right in the middle of any attempt to destroy this country.
Oh, one last comment. I found it interesting that this correspondence refers to the Occupy Wall Street protesters as "grassroots heroes." It's the first time anyone has every referred to dope-smoking, maggot infested, filthy-ass, anti-Semite, Marx's loving, bums as "HEROES." What has this world come too?

From: Daniel Mintz, Political Action []
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2011
Subject: A chance to actually beat the banks
Want to finally make the banks pay? A few brave attorneys general are trying to make it happen. But with the banks breathing down their necks, they need a big outside campaign to keep up the fight. Can you chip in to help us take the fight to the banks?  

Dear MoveOn member, 
We all know that when the big banks tanked the economy, they were engaged in flat-out fraud. How awesome would it be if they had to pay back the billions they stole?
Well, thanks to some brave state attorneys general, it could really happen.
1. Eric Schneiderman of New York and Beau Biden of Delaware—with the backing of MoveOn members, Occupy protesters, and other grassroots heroes—have used their power under state laws to demand a real investigation.
2. But the banks will do anything to stop them, and these progressive attorneys general are under crushing pressure to back down.
3. This is it—our last real chance to hold these Wall Street crooks accountable. We know the anger is out there—Occupy Wall Street proved that—but we need a sharp publicity campaign to make it politically impossible to let the banks off the hook ... again. To ramp up this campaign, we need to raise $140,000 this week. Can you help?
Chip in $5 to help take the fight to the banks.
The big banks pulled one of the greatest cons in American history. Hundreds of millions of people lost their jobs, saw their retirement wiped out or their home values plummet because of a housing crisis caused by banks who were routinely lying about document notarizations, forging mortgage documents, and defrauding investors.4 They made billions doing it and then got billions more in bailout money. 
We can win an investigation and fair settlement that would put that money back in the pockets of homeowners and investors, who will spend it and help restart our economy.
And this is one fight where the partisan gridlock is irrelevant. The banks are headquartered in the states of these progressive attorneys general, which means they don't need the approval of Congress, a Super Committee, or even the administration. We can get real relief for homeowners as long as the progressive attorneys generals refuse to back down. 
But we're at a tipping point. So far, the banks have failed to get immunity. Progressives have momentum and now we have to ramp up the pressure on the banks before they regroup and start pushing for a new sweetheart deal.
To do that, we need to raise some money this week. The banks have millions to spend on lobbyists. We have each other, so let's all pitch in. :-) Can you give $5 today to win real accountability for Wall Street?
Thanks for all you do.
 –Daniel, Elena, Stefanie, Mark, and the rest of the team

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