Thursday, December 29, 2011

Big Government

By Nicholas Contompasis

Big government means more government employees to mess with your life. It's just that simple!
Big government means less freedoms, because it forces you to think twice and three times before doing, saying, writing or thinking something.
Example, what do you think the 16,000 new IRS auditors authorized by ObamaCare are going to do, sit around and twiddle their thumbs? Now, multiply that by a thousand and you'll have a good idea how you're going to be screwed with. That's because there are hundreds of other federal agencies with thousands of new liberal hires that are doing the same thing. You will pay for sure, money wise! Fines are right now being increased for any minor infraction you make. These fines will crush the small man in America into a grabbling serf.
With computers one government employee can monitor thousands of American citizens.
That's what big government will mean to you and it's happening right now. Nice huh???

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