Friday, December 10, 2010

The Word “Fuck” Was Shouted Twice in Our Congress Last Night – Have You Had Enough?

By Nicholas Contompasis

The outrageous conduct of our congress has hit a new low with the dropping of the f-word by two of its liberal lefties leading many in America to think, who needs this crap, hang them all at dawn. Of course the right was quiet and pious as a church mouse while, they from the left hung themselves for all America to see. They hated the tax compromise the President and GOP cooked up and showed it on the floor of the congress. The American people have had it with the conduct and leadership of the left and it will be a cold day in hell before they’re given control again by the American people. They blew it big time, and besides frightening everyone in the country, they’ve now sent our children and grandchildren so far into debt they may never be able to pay it back.
That was last night, and as the rage simmered overnight the President attempted to rally his only wild card of support in this national debate, William Jefferson Clinton, the country's first and only honorary white black-man. In a press conference orchestrated by Obama, Bill took to the podium and began endorsing the President's compromise. For what seemed like hours the former President went on and on about how wonderful this new compromise would be and how the far left needed to get on board. Well, as Bill was speaking Barry slipped out the side door of the White House press room and headed over to the gym for some hoops with Arne Duncan his six-foot-six Secretary of Education who has every American child in his cross-hairs for brainwashing.
Needless to say, our President continues to act as though this job of his is part time and leaves the real work to underlings who frankly could care less. Another two years of this cluster-f**k won’t be soon enough to dump this inexperienced and clueless Chief Executive, if the country lasts that long.

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