Monday, December 27, 2010

This is How it Starts - Chinese Stocks Leaving U.S. Exchanges for Greener Pastures

Borrowed from The Wall Street Journal

Hong Kong’s stock exchange could be looking forward to another revenue stream in 2011 - Chinese companies delisting from other exchanges.
As Deal Journal reports, small Chinese companies listed in the U.S. that feel that they are undervalued there are considering either going private, or listing in another market where they can get better valuations, such as Hong Kong, as exchanges on the mainland could be out of bounds altogether. According to Deal Journal:
If the Chinese companies leave the U.S. and re-list, it is likely to be Hong Kong that benefits most. Foreign companies still aren’t allowed to list on China’s domestic exchanges. That category includes overseas-listed Chinese firms that restructured into offshore entities, even though their operations and assets are predominantly in mainland China.
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