Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Town Taxes Christians for Listening to Sermons

By Bob Unruh

Borrowed from WorldNetDaily - Thank you

First Baptist in Mission, Kan. Christians who attend worship services in a suburb of Kansas City will have to ante up for new thousand-dollar city "fees" that are being assessed against their churches based on the number of seats in their sanctuaries.
That's if the scheme announced recently by officials in Mission, Kan., survives a court challenge that has been filed by the Alliance Defense Fund.
"No one should be taxing church attendance, but that's what this tax does: It punishes churches based on their attendance," said Erik Stanley, a senior legal counsel for the organization.
"Cleverly disguising a tax as a fee is just another way to penalize churches and other nonprofit organizations and charities by subverting their tax exemptions so the government can collect more money," he said. "This driveway tax is simply outrageous. Will we soon be seeing a 'sidewalk tax' based on the number of people who walk to church?"
It was in August when the city council in Mission created Ordinance 1332 for a "Transportation Utility Fee." The law requiress that owners of all property within city limits with improvements such as buildings or landscaping pay a fee, "which functions as an additional property tax."
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