Thursday, December 9, 2010

America - Open Your Eyes – Before You Lose Your Country, Freedom and Religions

By Nicholas Contompasis

This picture pretty well sums up the state of our country doesn’t it? A picture of a violent bogus religion patting down the forgiving peaceful religion of “turn the other cheek” should make every America sick to their stomachs. To think, that the reason why America is being put through these humiliating searches is because of the religion of the one doing the patting down screams of an insane policy that is both ludicrous and destructive. It also sends a huge message, to the religion that wants to overtake and dominate our way of life, that we are just that, ludicrous and self-destructive because of our inability to see the enemy even when they’re standing in front of us.
America, if you wait too long this now small minority of a tail will be wagging the dog. So….., what will you do then? Exterminate them, as they become more successful at blowing up tree lighting ceremonies and small cafes around the country? Won’t it be just a little too late? Won’t it?

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