Thursday, December 30, 2010

Throw New York City Union Leaders in Jail for Blizzard Slowdown - People Died

By Meredith Jessup from the Blaze - Thank you

"New Yorkers should bring CRIMINAL charges against New York City unions for the intentional slowdown during the blizzard. It endangered the citizens of New York City. I'm sure someone died or was harmed during this slowdown because of it. How many will die with ObamaCare when unions get a bug up their asses and let you die because of a strike or slowdown? Stop this now or become a statistic of stupidity. "
Nicholas Contompasis

Frustrated New Yorkers have vented their complaints over the city’s response to the “Blizzard of 2010,” including a slow response time from snow plows and sanitation workers. Fingers are being pointed at Mayor Michael Bloomberg, including from Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowtiz who complained that two days after the storm, a number of streets in Brooklyn and Staten Island boroughs had not been plowed yet.
So who is to blame for the seemingly slow response to the “snowpocalypse”?
After the storm clouds parted, a rumor reportedly floated around the city that a number of sanitation workers were purposefully working slowly as a protest to city budget and staff cuts. Borough President Markowitz told Good Day New York that he had not heard the rumor, but noted that the department of sanitation had handled bigger snow storms in the past “with flying colors.”
“The truth of the matter here is that there is no question that something happened. Something happened between 1 and 6 am within the department of sanitation. They did not send out enough trucks. We have one of the finest commissioners, but I believe something happened. Put hundreds of tow trucks, thousands of able bodied men and women, get these people out and get these streets open. These streets have not been touched,” Markowitz said.
In addition, New York City Councilwoman and sanitation chairwoman Letitia James also told Good Day New York on Tuesday that the “deployment of snow plows was orchestrated in City Hall as opposed to the respective sanitation garages in each of the community boards… there was a change in the response,” she said.

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