Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Last Word - Your Taxes Are Going Up January 1st - But There Is Hope

By Nicholas Contompasis

The Republican rank-in-file in Congress is not interested in seeing President Obama or his fellow Democrats re-elected in 2012. With a hoard of Tea Party led Republicans about to take their seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, current congressmen are feeling the ripples of the New American Revolution. There will be no prisoners and there will be no compromises.

In the past two days as the President and the leaders of the GOP announced a compromise over the Bush Tax Cuts, the reactions from conservative Republicans was deafening and from the Tea Party was down-right heart stopping. Without going into the details of the compromise it could be said that most from the right were saying “Why compromise?” Frankly, they’re right and should be angry at this same old Washington bullshit. Do they forget already how Obama-Care was passed just a year ago?

I don’t think they have, and I think the leaders are far better political strategists than this inexperienced President that’s been left alone since most of his advisors have exited. This just may be one of the biggest checkmates in American politics.

This is how I see it. By the GOP cornering the President into a compromise without a seal of approval by his lefty congress, the GOP has forced him into alienating them from the process. Yes, he is acting in good faith and expediting the process by cutting a deal with the GOP, but by doing so he has violated a golden rule in politics and it’s simply because of his inexperience. What’s amazing, well not so amazing after observing him for the past two years, is that he really thinks he knows what the hell he’s doing. That’s troubling on so many levels that I haven’t the time nor the energy to expand this article far beyond the dimensions of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” Nevertheless, I’ll abbreviate and get to the point.

The Bush Tax Cuts will expire on December 31st and on January 1st 2011 everyone’s taxes will go up because both pressures from the Right and the Left will kill any attempt to extend them. But, there is hope and that hope comes from the new congress that takes office in January led by the Tea Party movement. After a month of less take home pay, due to more taxes and increased health insurance premiums for every American, Obama and his Democrat Party will be on everyone’s shit-list. It will be a hole that the Democrat Party will need ten years to crawl out of if then. The entire fiasco will be blamed on them since they controlled both Houses and the White House. Shame on you, Democrat Party. You could have helped Americans during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, but you didn’t, you raised their taxes.

The good news is that the GOP led house will introduce a bill reinstalling the Bush tax cuts and making them retroactive to January 1st forcing the President to sign it or be called the biggest idiot American politics has ever seen. This will leave the Tea Party led GOP heroes and it will seal the fate of our self-centered egotistical man-child of a President along with his fellow Democrats in 2012.

That’s right it was a trap and the man-child President fell into it. But what’s troubling, there’s that word again, if we can checkmate him so easily what are the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and North Koreans doing, playing titling winks? Don’t think so.

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