Friday, February 1, 2013

The Mystery Continues - One World Order

Why isn’t every media outlet screaming from the rooftops what the famous investigative reporter of the Watergate era wrote in his column yesterday? Bob Woodward, one of two men that helped bring down Richard Nixon in the early ‘70s wrote of a conversation he had with soon to be appointed Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. It wasn’t so much about Hagel’s incompetence that jumped out at me but the chilling realism that there actually is a New World Order according to Hagel. And what was even more shocking was that we, the United States, had no control over it. Hagel, no matter what the conservative right says about him is no dummy and served in the U.S. Senate for two terms. He knows what’s going on and seems to bypass the usual politically correct jargon which has gotten him into trouble with Jews in the Senate by outing their secret lobby that has enough votes to block any Democrat Bill. Yes, they get what they want and have for years, just no one talks about it in fear of an anti-Semitic smear.  
Moving right along to the more important stuff this is a brief excerpt from Woodward’s article in the Washington Post and the words that has validated many so called conspiracy theorists on the internet and those higher channel cable TV networks.
“According to an account that Hagel later gave, and is reported here for the first time, he told Obama: “We are at a time where there is a new world order. We don’t control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they” — the military and diplomats — “tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question what we are using the military for.
Now you have to ask yourself after reading this, who is the New World Order and more importantly why can’t the most powerful nation in the world control it, them or whatever?
Hagel implies that our military is involved by stating “you need to question the military.” He goes on to further implicate diplomats as if there is a secret network of military-diplomatic conspirators who are controlling this whole one international government order. That is a shocking revelation. Most can agree that our military is the one last good thing in our country and that any Secretary of Defense that thinks they are conspiring against him or her could start a major internal war that would jeopardize the security of our nation.
Chuck Hagel is a problem and by burying this new information about him further advances the President’s agenda to dismantle our military. But whether Hagel is appointed or not it still leaves us with his contrived or real New World Order. The mystery continues.
 – N.P.Contompasis 

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