Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bob Woodward is Attacked By the White House

Bob Woodward has been a household name for many that have followed politics for nearly fifty years. He was the point man that took Richard Nixon down in the ‘70s with the Watergate Scandal. People listen when Bob Woodward speaks and he’s been speaking his head off since last fall during Obama’s reelection bid.
It was my observation watching him on Fox News Channel in 2012 that he was out to do a Richard Nixon on Obama. He was candid and relentless with his subtle attacks which are now in 2013 turning into near shouts. It’s obvious now that he is no longer unbiased towards the President's political tactics.
People listen to what Bob Woodward has to say. On Friday he wrote an article repeating what he’s been say all along, that the sequestration was Obama’s idea, something the President is flatly denying.
People listen to what Bob Woodward has to say and the White House was listening on Friday. It appears that Bob over the weekend received an email warning him that he’d be sorry if he continued with this campaign to undermine the President’s contradictory approach to this massive budget cut that will come down like a cleaver on Friday.
Frankly, I know Woodward doesn’t scare easily since the Nixon scandal was more intense, but Obama and some of his people in the White House especially Valarie Jarrett, are unpredictable and unorthodox in their crudeness. So, Bob should watch his back and call in reinforcements for the ensuing attacks on his character and reputation.
What Obama is having a hard time dealing with is that, people really do listen to what Bob Woodward has to say and now he’s threatening him like Richard Nixon used to do! - N.P.Contompasis

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