Thursday, February 7, 2013

Murder is Murder - ObamaCare

Many have illustrated the many pitfalls of ObamaCare but I think they’ve missed one very important and devious point. Example – It’s the year 2018, Dad is 82 years old and needs a quadruple bypass. ObamaCare says they will not pay for the bypass so Dad will die within a year as opposed to maybe ten years if he gets the bypass.
Here’s the problem. Dad has a net worth of $6 million* of which $1 million would be taxed upon his death and his estate would pay almost $500,000 in taxes (federal and state). Of course, he has the money to pay for a private operation but for extenuating circumstances is not able to do that and is forced to rely on Medicare/ObamaCare.
It’s my belief that ObamaCare by not providing Dad’s operation could be viewed as conspiring to murder Dad for the tax on his estate. If you extrapolate that probability to the many semi-rich in America you have nothing short of the NAZI’s killing Jews during WW II for their paintings, gold fillings, land, bank accounts and everything else they owned. Murder is murder; the brutality of the NAZI’s is just as bad as the subtleness of ObamaCare. – N.P.Contompasis

* Obama and the Democrats in Congress are working hard to lower the $5 million exclusion to zero making all inheritance taxable and making all surviving family members inheriting a net worth subject to the tax. This would mean that most Americans are at risk of being victimized by their own government.

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