Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Obamas Trail of Death in Chicago

By Nicholas Contompasis

What the hell is going on in Mayor Richard Daley's Chicago? When was the last time you heard of a president of a major cities board of education shooting himself in an apparent suicide?

Just two months ago a former bag man for the now deposed Governor of Illinois, Rob Blagojevich "Blago" ended up the same way. Chris Kelly, was on his way to federal prison for not cooperating with the federal prosecutor, than showed up dead from who knows what.
You can't believe anything coming out of the coroners office these days, after all we know who they work for, don't we?
What the hell is going on? Now, with Michael Scott's death in the headlines many in Chicago are starting to scratch their heads, why?
Why ? Why? Why? What the hell is so important about these guys. Why are they being eliminated? Do they know to much? That's pretty obvious!
Death by fake suicide is pretty extreme if you ask me, unless the stakes are Presidential..........
As I've mentioned in past articles President Obama and Rahm Emmanuel run this country now and are both from Chicago along with a host of other thugs in the White House.
The Obama tentacles reach far into local politics in Illinois and with the federal prosecutor pressuring many Illinois politicians, some have nowhere to turn. With this understood I'm sure many are getting nervous that someone will talk. The threat of bringing down Obama and the great private sector grab is real and anyone who gets in there way could meet the same fate.
This is dangerous stuff and I'm sure many who got involved didn't really expect to see Obama reach the Oval Office, but there he sits and he'll do anything to stay there. And watch out Blago, I still think your a " DEAD MAN WALKING".

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Anonymous said...

I'm from Chicsgo area and my sentiments exactly. Something's very "FISHY".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the dude got snuffed out.