Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Global Warming Hoax - Emails Part II

To be honest with you I never bought into this Global Warming Hoax because it just didn't seem logical. My resistance to this Hoax was natural but not until the other day after reading one of the hacked emails from the University of East Anglia did I realize specifically why this Hoax is a threat to every American.
But before I get into what was said lets understand the caliber of this University that is supplying all of the data to the United Nations for its Global Warming initiative.
Ranked among European Universities the University of East Anglia is at a lowly 57 and globally 200. That statement alone should stop all of us in our tracks. Your first question should be, why in God's name would the United Nations use such a low ranking school for such an important initiative? Good question, so I looked further into there motives and I came up with the age old word you always come up with when you have fraud, deceit and flat out lying, its MONEY.
Here's the back story. When the world looks for education and research they look to England and the United States. If you are a straight up organization looking for a legitimate solution to a problem you would most likely go to the United States where research and solutions are available from many learning institutes. But, if your looking for a contrived solution that looks legitimate, you go to the U.K..
In the U.K. since 1994 the University community divided into two organization. One being the Russell Group which includes over 65% of the most reputable English Universities in the Kingdom. The other group is called the 1994 Group which is what I would call the left over Universities in England.
So, now all of the evidence being developed for the Global Warming Hoax is coming from this 1994 Group. This group of low level British Universities searching for money and doing anything to get it. You see these Universities only survive on small tuition money, grants from the government and rich people who are looking for a desired result, thus for this Global Warming Hoax they have sold their souls.
This is all about making money, its that simple. Just as the current Wall Street bubble and subsequent collapse worked, people all along the food chain had to make money for it to work and that's just how this Global Warming Hoax works. Everyone from U.S. congressmen to the researchers are in the loop to receive billions of your tax dollars as the payoff. Yes, even Al Gore.
You see, these so called self proclaimed saviours of the earth are in fact the destroyers of our societies and ultimately our environment.
The economic disruption that will be caused by Global Warming Policies will cause wars around the world as societies attempt to survive. Regional wars in the Middle East, Asia and the Americas will cause more pollution than what would have been normally released.
Also, I mentioned in the first email I read, it was more important for these scientist and researchers to get there money first and avoid paying taxes on the money, claiming that they would have more money available to do research than pay taxes on the income.
Now on to just a taste of the kind of information these so called researchers passed on to fellow scientists.
Keep in mind these people are supposed to do scientific research on the warming of the plant not Social Architecture as you will soon see.
If you don't have the time to read all of this, I can tell you after reading it myself that this is the blue print for the dismantling of the U.S. economy

This is the Link to the email with the full plan. There is a lot and it's quite chilling and dehumanizing.


Brian said...


you have absolutely no idea about universities in the UK.

You claim to be educated but you really should do a bit more research before letting rip.

The university sector in the UK did not divide into 2 parts in 1994

The Russell Group do not represent 65% of universities (there are approx 169 universities in the UK, together BOTH the 1994 Group and Russell Group represent the 39 best performing universities across England AND Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)

Also, considering there are over a hundred thousand universities in the world, 200th isn't exactly a bad spot in the world rankings.

As you may have seen elsewhere, the hacked emails from UEA (as it is known) are selective and, according to the researcher involved, the term 'trick' was referring to a statistical 'trick', i.e. a mechanism for presentation.

Of course I don't expect you or your brethren to believe this as it goes against your own unwavering conviction that you are always right. However, next time you write a love letter to Glenn Beck can you please tell him that East Anglia is pronounced East Ang-lee-a...and not East An-jee-la.

Kind regards,

a weary Brit.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Dear Brian,

I do stand corrected on my statement that 65% of U.K. Universities are with the Russell Group. Per Wikipedia it can be said that the majority of the largest and best Universities in U.K. are with Russell and do receive the lions share of government grant monies. Leaving the 1994 Group with the left overs.

But you glossed over my major point. Why would the United Nations use data from a University that is ranked 200 in the world. If this was important enough you would think they would be using the biggest and best of think tanks.

You don't have to answer that question, its obvious to any clear thinking individual.

As for your comment about the "selected emails" , now that's pure BS and you know it. There is overwhelming evidence in almost every email that malpractice and flat out lying was going on. As you may know there were many papers taken besides emails and they are being reviewed by notable scientists. I can just imagine what they will discover.

Finally, as for your Glenn Beck comment, Mr. Beck is a true American Hero, someone I'm sure 240 years ago you would have been receiving the working end of his Long Rifle's butt.

Thanks for your comment. I always enjoy arguing from a position of strength.

OldHardHead said...

Hey Nick, good job! I'm add your blog to my blogroll, if you don't mind.

Climategate... how long can the left deny it?

Seems like I'm just shouting at the internet...

Be well!

Anonymous said...

Check It Out.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

I've been going over the emails and reading what the Wall Street Journal has published. As a non scientific type there's a lot I don't understand but occasionally you come across comments that are incriminating. Cover up is putting this mildly.
They admit they would rather destroy the research work rather than disclose it per the English Freedom of Information’s Act.
My God these guys are supposed to be scientists not conspirators.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Thanks Anonymous for the web site I looked it over and have book marked it.
As you look on Google News, the news for this subject is split between the initiative in Copenhagen and the big fraud.
This is playing out like a great mystery story with forces working against each other as governments come together using data that is wrong but they keep moving forward or should I say backwards in an attempt to take further control of our lives.

Blog Start Date 8/11/09 said...

Thanks OLDHARDHEAD for the great comments and the link on your blog. That's great.