Friday, April 4, 2014

Mozilla Fascism

Brendan Eich’s resignation, who was the CEO of Mozilla, is the shot heard around the world. In America, by giving a $1,000 campaign contribution to any idea or candidate that runs against the Left's mindset it will now get you fired, even if you're the CEO and co-founder of an organization.
It has already been understood within America's workforce that keeping your religious and political opinions to yourself is the smart thing to do, if you want to be promoted, liked and keep your job.
But now it's official, Leftist fascism rules the job scene and if you show yourself as a Christian, Conservative or Constitutionalist you could very well be shown the door.
Do you think it will stop here? History tells us fascism never does and America has now become a new type of Communist Soviet Union where you get an education, job, housing, gas rations and anything else needed to survive comfortably if you follow the party line.
This is a frightening event that every America should be following and publicizing. You can be sure the Left won't be pushing this story because of it's intolerant nature.
But, you can bet this practice will continue and gain steam as the Left continues to strangle the private sector.  - N.P.Contompasis

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