Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why Can’t You See What Their Doing - Are We Insane?

In the ‘60s and ‘70s bleeding heart Liberals had “The War on Poverty.” But, it was more about more taxes and more government, while poverty continued to grow.
In the ‘80s and ‘90s it was about “The Homeless.” But, again it was more about more taxes and more government. So, in the ‘00s they gave everyone a house they couldn't afford and bankrupt the country while doing it. This was a financial disaster felt even to this day.
Also in ‘00s it was all about “Climate Change.” But, it’s really all about more taxes, much more governance, and this time on a global scale.
In the ‘00s and ‘10s it’s all about “Health Care.” So they created ObamaCare which is on track to bankrupt every state and eventually the country, that’s if the country survives the “Homeless” fiasco and the “Climate Change” fraud.
As you can see for the past fifty plus year’s bleeding heart Liberals created these seemingly monumental problems that weren't there a moment ago. They are nothing more than schemes to take more of your money and to use your government as the answer to a contrived problem du jour.
Isn't it time we stop this insanity??? Is it possible that our nation is actually insane and Liberal politicians have tapped into our mental disorder??? It seems so!!!
– N.P.Contompasis 

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